Thursday, 8 May 2014

Greatest Love of All

Broke out Majestic last night. Borrowed the correct socks so first time actually wore the complete kit.
Hoping the socks on order come in soon. 
No AR's and of course one team tries off side trap. Every. Time. 
Other than that standard game. Lots of love on the field. Nice to see our youth active. I believe we need to them well and let them lead the way. Show them the beauty they possess inside.

Stat line:
half / total distance (km) / avg speed (min/km) / top speed (min/km)
1st: 3.29 / 14:15 / 3:20
2nd: 3.75 / 12:14 / 2:24

7.04 km !  
At half, I thought I need to step it up so I did. High fives all around.

PK in the first half. The player jumped and handled the ball, so yes, it was deliberate.

Went deep into the corner in the second. So deep it was off the field apparently. 

Adidas really should have WC 2014 shoes to match the kits. And coordinated underarmour. Just saying. 



Actually had a comment last post! 
Anon suggested the following kit names:

red should be fireblossom
navy should be oathkeeper
yellow should be mediator
green should be grasshopper
blue should be heavenwater

Haven't worn yellow yet so can't comment on Mediator, but sounding good. 

top 10 Whitney Houston songs
1. I Will Always Love You
2. Greatest Love of All
3. I Have Nothing
4. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
5. One Moment In Time
6. Run to You
7. Saving All My Love for You
8. How Will I Know
9. All the Man That I Need
10. I'm Your Baby Tonight

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