Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Catch phrase

Well, finally got in a game. It's been a while with sickness, travel, generally laziness.
Good game overall.

I picked up a pair of shoe inserts over the weekend and must say they felt good.

Something like these
And again, the tracker only recorded first half. I think the app is draining the battery and I need to be fully charged before I start. Stupid bb battery. Must switch to one of these new fangled "iphone". (need more games to pay for said iphone). Somehow the boys have iphones and I don't. Sigh.
Or maybe I'll get a Sumsung knockoff. hmmm
I digress...

Stat Line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 2.84 / 3.6 / 19
2nd / 

Total distance extrapolated thru 90 min: 5.68 km

Regular readers of this blog (hahaha 'readers' is plural) know that Mac Island field Google earth overlay used by the tracker is hopelessly out of date. So, close your eyes and pretend the pitch markings line up with the track. Or maybe the game was that one-sided?


Guise sistas.  (notice the spelling of sista... gangster style, cause that's how I roll)

El Presidente

So, whenever I hear certain words or phrases, my mind comes up with a  pop reference.  For example...


Anyone named "Al" I automatically think "Big Gay Al".

The following words or combination of cause me to say "That's what she said": meat, big, huge, package, insert.
I do this automatically.

When I receive a "Thank you Neil" I think, and usually say, "don't thank me, thank the moon's gravitational pull"  Helpful link here

Sad, I know.

hey, 4 away from 100 followers!
Who woulda thunk it.


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Now, how about some fluids with that?

Hey :) Guest blogger shake here again.  I'm starting this post off with inspiration taken from the recent storm.  Thursday's storm inspired me to think of water, which can translate to fluids, which then becomes... urine.  Ha ha ha.  It's been a long week.

Monitor Your Fluid Losses
(Coaching Association of Canada. 2012)
[- well hydrated = light coloured urine
- need more fluid = dark, scant urine]
- Weigh yourself before & right after exercise 
          - Monitoring changes in body weight, and fluid losses allows you to estimate your sweat rate.
          *Sweat rate can range from 0.4-1.8L/hour (depending on the person, sport type and weather conditions)
1.) Weight loss: 60 kg - 59 kg = 1kg lost
2.) Conversion: 1 kg lost = 1 L fluid lost
3.) Total fluids: 1 L fluid consumed + 1 L fluid lost = 2 L total sweat loss
4.) Sweat rate: 2 L sweat loss divided by 2 hours = 1 L of sweat per hour of practice
1 kg weight loss = 1 L of fluid
250 mL = 1 cup = 8 fluid ounces
1 L = 4 cups = 32 fluid ounces
1 kg = 2.2 lbs
          - For example: if someone weighed 60 kg before practice, weighed 59 kg after practice, and during a two hour practice drank 1 L of water - this person's sweat rate would be approximately 1 L per hour of practice.  
          - In order to limit weight loss to 1-2 pounds, this person from the example should try to consume approximately 1 L per hour of practice.

Fluids before exercise:
Try to consume enough fluid daily, in aims to maintain: 
1. weight 
2. adequate urine output
4 hours before exercise: drink 5-7 mL/kg of your body weight (300-500mL)
2 hours before exercise - if you haven't produced urine or if it's still bright yellow: drink 3-5mL/kg of your body weight (150-350mL)

Fluids during exercise:
Every 1 hour: consume about 0.4-0.8 L of fluid 
(130-250 mL / 20 minutes)

Fluids after exercise:
Replace fluid and electrolyte deficits. 
Include sodium with foods or fluids (helps to maintain the plasma electrolyte balance).
Remember, more than 2-3 pounds in weight lost = significant dehydration
          *takes 24-48 hours for complete recovery from this
You can make a fluid replacement drink by mixing:
500 mL unsweetened orange juice
500 mL of water
1.25-1.75 mL of salt

When you travel, remember that in tap water, there are variations in bacteria which can cause gastro-intestinal upset.  Essentially, if you add ice to fluids, it's the same as adding tap water with possible variations in bacteria.

Happy Blurbs From This Week

I normally love refereeing in the rain, but this time it was so ice-like that it felt more like torture.  I kept waiting for hail to start.  Cue the chorus "hummmmm...first world pains".  The "happy" that came out of this game though, was after overcoming perplexity, the revelation that I was assigned to Neil's line!      

I had a women's div one game, with the Hynes brothers working well on the line.  It was a very enjoyable game to referee, so much so, that I was disappointed the halves were cut to thirty-five minutes instead of the normal forty-five minutes.  
Evening Rumination
Reading one of my favourite sport books, and this just illuminated the print from the page tonight:
"Grant me the courage to change what I can,
The serenity to accept what I cannot,
and the wisdom to know the difference."
It helped me to remember.  

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Rain Man

Well, that was wet tonight.
Probably not the best weather for my cough that is sticking around.

Tracked the first half, then battery died and didn't get the second. Re-sigh.

Best part of the night were the AR's. Need to sew a new Velcro patch to Adjudicator current one has lost it's stickiness.

Stat Line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 2.40 / 3.0 / 16.8
2nd /

Total distance extrapolated thru 90 min: 4.80 km

So, I've been tracking games off and on for most of this season. Below is a chart showing the km's traveled by half. Basically, I cover between 1.5 to 3 km each half. If I had paid attention during College stats class, I could dazzle you with confidence levels, and rattle off some regression analysis. As it is, I can make a (semi) pretty Google Drive graph!


@xxxxEmikoxxxx and Nathan


Top 10 songs about the rain...

1. Brook Benton - "Rainy Night In Georgia" (1970)

Brook Benton - "Rainy Night in Georgia"Courtesy Atlantic
With the single line, "I believe it's rainin' all over the world," soul legend Brook Benton brings the melancholy spirit of the rain home. This record went to #4 on the pop singles chart in 1970 and was the last of Brook Benton's top 10 pop hits. The song has been covered by a wide range of other artists.
"Neon signs a-flashin', taxi cabs and buses passin' through the night
A distant moanin' of a train seems to play a sad refrain to the night
A rainy night in Georgia, such a rainy night in Georgia
Lord, I believe it's rainin' all over the world
I feel like it's rainin' all over the world"
Watch Video

2. Eurythmics - "Here Comes the Rain Again" (1984)

Eurythmics - "Here Comes the Rain Again"Courtesy RCA
The Eurythmics gave us the sound of synthesized rain swirled in with the powerful emotion of unrequited love. This was the Eurythmics' second top 10 pop hit in the US landing at #4 in 1984.
"Here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion
I want to walk in the open wind
I want to talk like lovers do
I want to dive into your ocean
Is it raining with you?"
Watch Video

3. Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Who'll Stop the Rain?" (1970)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Who'll Stop the Rain"Courtesy Fantasy
Creedence Clearwater Revival use a metaphor of the rain to speak about seemingly endless times of confusion and misery. The song has frequently been tied to frustration with the Vietnam War. "Who'll Stop the Rain" became the band's fourth #2 hit single in 1970.
"Long as I remember the rain been coming down
Clouds of myst'ry pouring confusion on the ground
Good men through the ages, trying to find the sun
And I wonder, still I wonder, who'll stop the rain"

4. B.J. Thomas - "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" (1969)

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidCourtesy 20th Century Fox
Hal David and Burt Bacharach wrote this song for the soundtrack to the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. In a twist on typical rain songs, it speaks about the inability of the rain to douse faith in the return of happiness. The song won an Academy Award for Best Original Song and after being released in late 1969, it opened the 1970s at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 where it stayed for four weeks.
"Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
Nothin' seems to fit
Those raindrops are falling on my head, they keep fallin'"
Watch Video

5. Beatles - "Rain" (1966)

Beatles - "Rain"Courtesy Capitol
John Lennon explained that the Beatles' "Rain" is ""about people moaning about the weather all the time." Appearing as the B side for "Paperback Writer," the song was one of the very first to utilize backwards vocal tracks. Promotional videos were filmed for "Rain." Click to watch one of those below.
"I can show you
That when it starts to rain
Everything's the same
I can show you"
Watch Video

6. Ann Peebles - "I Can't Stand the Rain" (1973)

Ann Peebles - "I Can't Stand the Rain"Courtesy Hi
Rain does have the ability to usher in painful memories. Memphis soul singer Ann Peebles brings that fact home in powerful fashion here. This became her biggest and only top 40 pop hit reaching #38 in 1973 while landing inside the top 10 on the R&B chart.
"I can't stand the rain 'gainst my window
Bringing back sweet memories
I can't stand the rain 'gainst my window
'Cause he's not here with me"

7. Rihanna - "Umbrella" (2007)

Rihanna featuring Jay-Z - UmbrellaCourtesy Def Jam
Rihanna will help protect you from the rain of life with her umbrella. The metaphor is used here to spell out the value of true friendship. "Umbrella" was an international #1 smash hit in 2007.
"When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath, I'ma stick it out till the end"
Watch Video

8. Prince - "Purple Rain" (1984)

Prince - "Purple Rain"Courtesy Warner Bros.
One of Prince's signature songs, "Purple Rain" builds powerful emotion from opening with a lone guitar through powerful rising choruses and ultimately a searing guitar solo. Prince spent two weeks at #2 with "Purple Rain" in 1984.
"I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted one time to see you laughing
I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain"
Watch Video

9. Lou Christie - "Rhapsody In the Rain" (1966)

Lou Christie - The Best of Lou ChristieCourtesy Rhino
Yes, the sound of rain can be a hypnotic accompaniment to making out and going "much too far." The song was so evocative of the sex taking place that many radio stations banned the song. Consequently, it only reached #16 on the pop singles chart, but it remains one of the most memorable hits of pop singer Lou Christie's career.
"Baby, the raindrops play for me
A lonely rhapsody 'cause on our first date
We were makin' out in the rain
And in this car our love went much too far
It was exciting as thunder
Tonight I wonder, where you are?"

10. Carpenters - "Rainy Days and Mondays" (1971)

The Carpenters - The CarpentersCourtesy A&M
Has there ever been a mainstream pop voice so effortlessly melancholy as that of Karen Carpenter? When she says a rainy day gets her down, it's impossible not to believe it. In 1971, this became the duo's fifth consecutive song to reach the pop top 3.
"What I've got they used to call the blues
Nothin' is really wrong
Feelin' like I don't belong
Walkin' around
Some kind of lonely clown
Rainy days and Mondays always get me down."
find your sound we've found ours...

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Titanium Floaties

Ok, I'm writing this on the tab, lets see how this works out.
Second game this week. Felt better, cardio coming back nicely.

Well, that didn't last long. Can't scroll the page, so with the keyboard taking up the bottom half of the screen,  could only see two lines. So back to the laptop it is.

Fun game tonight. Very hot and dry to start, contacts kept drying up.
Water breaks broke the game into 4 quarters. Ok teams, the water break is not a half time, let's not all get comfy under the shade and chill. Sigh.

Stat Line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 1.16 / 3.1 / 19.8
2nd / 1.28 / 3.4 / 18.6

3rd / .89 / 2.4 / 15.1
4th / 1.45 / 3.5 / 23.0

Total distance thru 90 min: 4.78 km

And really, don't whine about an illegal throw in. Let's review...
* both feet on or behind the touchline - check
* ball behind and over the head - check
* both hands on ball - check
* face field of play - check
* ball enters and point it left field - check

Team was pressing for the equalizer in the final quarter, so pretty good coverage.


 and Nolan

El Presidente.

Things I need to improve:
1) eliminate stupid phases. Eg. (talking to a player about to throw in, not realizing her team has a free kick) "It's a free kick, the ball's on the ground here." Really, the ball is going to be kicked off the ground? How novel. Instead, how about, "it's a free kick here".

2) offside signal. Ok, mechanically the signal is sound, but I really need to bulk up the left arm. I mean Ed Hochuli size. Now that would be an offside signal!

3) speaking of offside, I've been trying to announce offside with a southern drawl, like the immortal Red Cashion's first down call.  Sigh, I know neither of my two readers will get this so...
If anyone can dig up a video or audio clip of the first down call please send it to me for posting.

K, kinda stuck at 61 followers. Need some more. Must spread the word of @_neil_farber.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Ok, so first game in like a zillion years.
Games going well, getting some runs in, moving around. Feeling a bit winded, must be near half. What, 10 minutes in! Sigh.

Whistle for half. Hey ref, was that 45 minutes?
Let's see, I wear two watches, one counts up, one counts down, and I have a fitness tracker with a timer. So, yah, lemme check.... double check... triple check... yup 45 minutes.

Stat Line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 3.07 / 3.9 / 20.5
2nd / 2.26 / 2.9 / 16.5

Total distance thru 90 min: 5.33 km

Actually kinda surprised by first half. Second half, team was done 2 players so play very much in one half so less movement.

Ok, if you're going to make me start from the penalty area and chase you down on a through ball breakaway to the other half, you had better hit the $%&!@ net. 

Lots of little runs to start game.
First 10 minutes


 and Josh


Team provides a match ball and says they just pumped it up. I comment to the AR's that it's very bouncy, bouncy. Which of course led to humming Fergie throughout the game.

Twitter: @_neil_farber

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Well, I'm back, sort of.
First games in like 5 years are this Tue and Thur. So we'll see how well (bad) I do. Sigh.

And after the guest post yesterday (nearly 10,000 words!)  the internet petition to replace me is in full swing.

In lieu of anything interesting, I thought I'd share some random thoughts...

1) Why can't referees wear sun glasses? Seriously, it's super sunny, my retinas are burning, I'm squinting to make out the different colour jerseys and I can't wear shades? Even the polarized (?) ones that bring out the white (ie ball). A couple refs have the out of production polarized contacts, isn't that the same thing except they are contact lenses? Refs use wireless communication systems and beep flags, so why not sunglasses? Must bring up at next FIFA meeting.

2) I really think officials (all sports) should be available to the press after a match, just like athletes, coaches, managers, trainers, water people are. I would like to get the referee's thoughts on why he/she did/didn't make such and such a call. If an athlete makes an error he's fair game to the media to find out what he was thinking. So why not officials? I suppose the argument is that officials are impartial and call the game by the rules, no questions asked. But we ask coaches why they tried a certain play or made a substitution at a critical junction, so why not ask an official why they didn't make a handball call or whathaveyou. Fans, media, players, coaches, speculate on what goes on in an officials mind, why not let the referee actually tell us?

3) So I had the volume turned up, the chair pulled real close to the tv and all I get is 1.5 spice girls songs? Really, that's the one night only reunion? Phaat. Must say Ginger looked good (was a tad thin after the breakup, see below). Sporty and Scary really showed they were the heavy lifters when it came to singing. Was Posh's mic even on? At the very end of the set (4:29) looked like she wanted to say something but a) her car moved and she had to hang on, and b) her mic was off. Poor Mrs Beckham.

Not sure how long this vid stays up before IOC blocks it...

4) Brian May more than made up for the Spice Girls disappointment.

Alright kids, thanks for tuning in.
Thanks again to the Guest blogger last night! Well done!
And now back to your regular programming...

p.s. get your friends to follow me on "Twitter"  @_neil_farber   Well worth it!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

motley |ˈmätlē|

Hello!  Guest blogger shake here, thus, readers - as the title suggests: prepare for randomness.  (Ahem, and my unfortunate trademark of length -_-.)

Personal perspective, from this August Long Tourney:
"The Good"
- Neil is back in Canada & recovering from having had an awful flu, & bronchitis!
- Being graced with the presence of famous people: Michelle Pye, Kevin Duliba, & Alan Ruch.  [Yes, Michelle & Kevin originated from Kamloops!] & the precious opportunity to learn from them through observing, working with, and conversing with them!  
- Enjoying both, working with, and the good company of local referees, with the addition of more good company - our out of town referee friends & teammates :)  
"The Bad"
- Tight Iliotibial bands
- Did you know that there isn't a way to stretch Iliotibial bands?  You've actually got to roll them out (recommendation?: use foam rollers or tennis balls) to get at those suckers.  
- Failure to follow suit and play elevator music before a game.  Right round by Flo Rida was the last song on the radio...  
"The Ugly"
- Bri Guise saw a team that wanted to be scored on, and perhaps, even had a play for this?!  
- A lady fouled someone, and then hit the dirt in an unfortunate position for her knee.  Chances are high that she's definitely blown her ACL.  
- Mr. Smith winning in-season bowling, & Mr. Calibaba coming out with the playoff win.
- The number of bags & water bottles I was armed with.

Notes regarding the Olympics: Be prepared.  Rumor on the web is that the SPICE GIRLS are performing in the closing ceremonies. 

Ever find yourself slightly hungry in between going from working all day, or working out, and then getting to the field for a game?  
Product Love: SOLO Gi Low Glycemic Nutrition Bars
My naturopath introduced me to this product about a year ago, & I still love them.    
The concept is: 
- helpful way to avoid the "spike, crash and crave cycle" 
- aims to help you live a healthier, low glycemic lifestyle
- "SoLo Gi Bars are specifically formulated with a unique combination of slow release carbohydrates, protein, healthy dietary fats and fiber which provide sustained energy and hunger satisfaction" - Saul Katz, Founder and President 
My favourite flavours are: - Lemon Lift - Chocolate
If you want to try them out, you can get them at Nature's Fair.

FYI: First Aid Tidbits 

If someone is struck by Lightning!

"- Although people generally think that the chance of being struck by lightning is very low, there are many injuries and deaths each year from lightning strikes.
- A person struck by lightning does not hold an electrical charge.  In a lightning strike, the lightning often travels around the person rather than through him - you can touch the casualty without fear of an electric shock.
- The casualty has probably been thrown - suspect a head or spinal injury
- Lightning does strike the same place twice - assess the risk of another strike, and move to a safer location if needed." (In regards to moving the casualty, the above is suggesting to firstly make it safe to perform first aid, and secondly, choosing life over quality of life).

Did you know that if someone is struck by lightning, you can actually re-start their heart?! 

To read a review of lightning protocol for referees visit:

"Causes, signs and symptoms of diabetic emergencies

Hypoglycemia (needs sugar)
Time to develop: 
develops very quickly
Possible cause: 
- took too much insulin
- not eaten enough, or vomited
- more exercise than usual
- strong and rapid/ shallow
Skin condition:
- sweaty, pale and cold
Level of consciousness:
- faintness to unconscious
Other signs and symptoms:
- headache
- confused, irritable and aggressive
- trembling, staggering
- difficulty speaking

Hyperglycemia (needs insulin)
Time to develop:
develops over hours or days
Possible cause: 
- did not take enough insulin
- eating too much food
- less exercise than usual
- casualty has an ongoing illness and the body needs more insulin
- weak and rapid/ deep and sighing
Skin condition:
- flushed, dry and warm
Level of consciousness:
- drowsy, becoming unconscious
Other signs and symptoms:
- thirsty, then nausea and vomiting
- frequent urination
- breath has a nail polish smell"

Hot Stuff

Heat Exhaustion
"- casualty has lost fluid through sweating
- circulation is affected because the blood flows away from the major organs and pools in the blood vessels just below the skin
Signs & Symptoms:
- excessive sweating and dilated pupils
- casualty may complain of dizziness, blurred vision, headache or cramps
- signs of shock, including: cold, clammy skin; weak, rapid pulse; rapid, shallow breathing; vomiting and unconsciousness"
Things you can do to help a conscious person with heat exhaustion:
1. give the conscious casualty water or drinks with electrolytes and carbohydrates.  If the casualty vomits, don't give anything by mouth and get medical help right away.  
2.  place at rest on back in a cool place
3. remove excess clothing and loosen tight clothing at the neck and waist
Things to do if the casualty is unconscious:"
1. If you know what the recovery position is, put the casualty in it. Get medical help right away."

Heat Stroke 
"Life-threatening condition where the body's temperature rises far above normal.  It is caused by prolonged exposure in a hot, humid, and perhaps poorly ventilated environment.  In classic heatstroke, the body's temperature control mechanism fails, sweating stops and the body temperature rises rapidly.  In exertional heatstroke, the body temperature rises rapidly due to heavy physical exertion in high temperatures, even though sweating continues.  
Signs & Symptoms:
- body temperature rapidly rises to 40 degrees C; hot to the touch
- the pulse is rapid and full but gets weaker in later stages
- breathing is noisy
- skin is flushed, hot and dry (classic heatstroke)
- flushed, hot and sweaty (exertional heatstroke)
- casualty is restless and may complain of headache, fatigue, dizziness and nausea
- vomiting, convulsions, unconsciousness"
Things you can do to help while waiting for help:
- move the casualty to a cool, shaded place
- cool the casualty - remove outer clothing and immerse the casualty in cold water up to the chin & watch closely
- When the body feels cool to touch, cover with a dry sheet 
- or if the above things are not possible: 
- cover the person with wet sheets and fan the sheets to increase cooling
- sponge the casualty with cool water; particularly in the armpits, neck and groin areas

Emergency Childbirth
hah just kidding people.. 

[St. John Ambulance (2011). First Aid: Reference Guide. Ottawa: Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication.]

Lastly for this lengthy post: Brook Calibaba is moving from Kamloops to Victoria.  
If you want to say see you later, do so before August 15th!!  Good Luck Brook!
& a shout-out to Mrs. Farber: Hope you are feeling better and getting over catching what Neil had!

Friday, 3 August 2012


So, about 5 hours away from the start of the Aug Long Weekend Tournament.

Welcome to all the officials participating. The tournament bills itself as Canada's largest adult tournament, and it could not happen without the efforts of dedicated referees and Assistant Referees.

Not scheduled for any games (recovering remember), but will be around taking pictures.

Enjoy the tournament and enjoy the sunshine!

None of my two readers will know this song...

Finally, make sure we're man managing to avoid problems...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


So, two weeks ago I got the flu. Then bronchitis.
#FML as the kids tweet.

(I have no idea what that means, but kids seem to use it to express angst against parents, the man, the establishment, when xbox live goes down).

Anyway, any cardio I used to have... all gone. I can barely make it up the stairs without having to stop and catch my breath.

On the plus side I lost 16 lbs. I know, you're thinking, what! You must be Kate Moss thin now.

Top songs about being sick...

Sick As A Dog - Aerosmith…

So Tired - Ozzy Osbourne…

I'm Only Sleeping - The Beatles…

I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down - Elvis Costello…

Cold Cold Cold - Little Feat…

"You Sound Like You're Sick" The Ramones from 'Pleasant Dreams'

"I'm so sick" by Flyleaf

So, I'm not doing any games in the near future. Need to slowly work back into shape.

Apologies to my two readers for the delay in posting.

I'll try and get back on track.
As much as I mock Kelly Clarkson, kinda of a catchy song...