Thursday, 16 August 2012

Titanium Floaties

Ok, I'm writing this on the tab, lets see how this works out.
Second game this week. Felt better, cardio coming back nicely.

Well, that didn't last long. Can't scroll the page, so with the keyboard taking up the bottom half of the screen,  could only see two lines. So back to the laptop it is.

Fun game tonight. Very hot and dry to start, contacts kept drying up.
Water breaks broke the game into 4 quarters. Ok teams, the water break is not a half time, let's not all get comfy under the shade and chill. Sigh.

Stat Line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 1.16 / 3.1 / 19.8
2nd / 1.28 / 3.4 / 18.6

3rd / .89 / 2.4 / 15.1
4th / 1.45 / 3.5 / 23.0

Total distance thru 90 min: 4.78 km

And really, don't whine about an illegal throw in. Let's review...
* both feet on or behind the touchline - check
* ball behind and over the head - check
* both hands on ball - check
* face field of play - check
* ball enters and point it left field - check

Team was pressing for the equalizer in the final quarter, so pretty good coverage.


 and Nolan

El Presidente.

Things I need to improve:
1) eliminate stupid phases. Eg. (talking to a player about to throw in, not realizing her team has a free kick) "It's a free kick, the ball's on the ground here." Really, the ball is going to be kicked off the ground? How novel. Instead, how about, "it's a free kick here".

2) offside signal. Ok, mechanically the signal is sound, but I really need to bulk up the left arm. I mean Ed Hochuli size. Now that would be an offside signal!

3) speaking of offside, I've been trying to announce offside with a southern drawl, like the immortal Red Cashion's first down call.  Sigh, I know neither of my two readers will get this so...
If anyone can dig up a video or audio clip of the first down call please send it to me for posting.

K, kinda stuck at 61 followers. Need some more. Must spread the word of @_neil_farber.

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