Sunday, 12 August 2012


Well, I'm back, sort of.
First games in like 5 years are this Tue and Thur. So we'll see how well (bad) I do. Sigh.

And after the guest post yesterday (nearly 10,000 words!)  the internet petition to replace me is in full swing.

In lieu of anything interesting, I thought I'd share some random thoughts...

1) Why can't referees wear sun glasses? Seriously, it's super sunny, my retinas are burning, I'm squinting to make out the different colour jerseys and I can't wear shades? Even the polarized (?) ones that bring out the white (ie ball). A couple refs have the out of production polarized contacts, isn't that the same thing except they are contact lenses? Refs use wireless communication systems and beep flags, so why not sunglasses? Must bring up at next FIFA meeting.

2) I really think officials (all sports) should be available to the press after a match, just like athletes, coaches, managers, trainers, water people are. I would like to get the referee's thoughts on why he/she did/didn't make such and such a call. If an athlete makes an error he's fair game to the media to find out what he was thinking. So why not officials? I suppose the argument is that officials are impartial and call the game by the rules, no questions asked. But we ask coaches why they tried a certain play or made a substitution at a critical junction, so why not ask an official why they didn't make a handball call or whathaveyou. Fans, media, players, coaches, speculate on what goes on in an officials mind, why not let the referee actually tell us?

3) So I had the volume turned up, the chair pulled real close to the tv and all I get is 1.5 spice girls songs? Really, that's the one night only reunion? Phaat. Must say Ginger looked good (was a tad thin after the breakup, see below). Sporty and Scary really showed they were the heavy lifters when it came to singing. Was Posh's mic even on? At the very end of the set (4:29) looked like she wanted to say something but a) her car moved and she had to hang on, and b) her mic was off. Poor Mrs Beckham.

Not sure how long this vid stays up before IOC blocks it...

4) Brian May more than made up for the Spice Girls disappointment.

Alright kids, thanks for tuning in.
Thanks again to the Guest blogger last night! Well done!
And now back to your regular programming...

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