Monday, 16 July 2012


So, I've got the flu.
Chills, fever, body aches.
Worst.5.Days.Ever (and counting)

No games until I recover.
I'll see if I can post something anyway.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Follow me maybe?

Too much heat past two games.
Felt it tonight.

Need to take a rest after tonight, that's for sure.

Game Summary:
First game at this level I've tracked. Needed to make some adjustments sooner for this league. Oh well, next time.

Stat Line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 1.55 / 2.1 / 1.7
2nd / 2.15 / 2.7 / 18.2

Total distance thru 90 min: 3.70 km

Teams agreed on water breaks mid way each half.

Not bad coverage I suppose.
2nd half after water break

 and Linda.
Yeoman work in the blistering heat.


soooo close to 2k page views. Which is still 1k below wife's blog. Sigh.

Kinda stalled at 44 followers. Let's get 50. Let's get 50!

So, I really want our officials to work as teams. What do I mean?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

5 steps to enjoy summer

Gosh it was hot tonight.
First half was anyway. By end of second shadows were covering field and it cooled dramatically.
However, probably lost 36 lbs of water weight.
Fortunately, part of a strong crew tonight.

Game Summary:
First game at this level in a while (seems like all my games lately have been on leagues I haven't done in a while).
All the more appreciative of the A cup refs who did 2 games a day in this heat. One is enough for me. Of course, at my age, getting up and down the stairs without breaking a hip is a bonus.
Forgot to put on the tracker for the 2nd half. Stupid blog writer! Best I can get on this post is a 69.

Stat Line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 3.02 / 3.7 / 21.5

Total distance extrapolated thru 90 min: 6.04 km

Third time broke 3km barrier in a half (out of 30 odd halves tracked). Yup, that's me, wait for the hottest day then run your a$$ off.  Sigh again.


Obviously, no 'staying out of the centre circle' for this cat tonight.
So, I'm thinking if I had a spotter who watched the game and recorded the time of fouls, then I could pinpoint my positioning. Might be useful to see patterns. Hmm, must explore further.

2 cautions
Should have had two more, but wasn't thinking clearly in the 2nd.

 and Darren.
Like I said, a couple of strong AR's.


So last post had top 10 songs with sun in the title.
How about top 10 summer songs?
(if you don't spontaneously start singing song #5, you're not really Canadian) (or older than say 30).
(I have soft spot for song 10)

‘”Hot Fun in the Summertime,” Sly & the Family Stone
Some songs celebrate the spontaneity of summer nights, but Sly & the Family Stone’s 1969 hit “Hot Fun in the Summertime” makes a point of celebrating those long summer days through triumphant trumpets and a massive singalong chorus. “End of the spring, and here she comes back,” Sly sings, channeling our joy over the mistress known as summer.
”School’s Out,” Alice Cooper
There was no better anthem than “School’s Out” for the summer of 1972 — and every summer since. No other song has quite captured the joy of summer break like Alice Cooper’s breakthrough hit, even for listeners long out of high school.
“Heat Wave,” Martha and the Vandellas
Perhaps in August a heat wave would be cause for concern, but in early July it’s more an occasion for a party. Though Martha Reeves was singing of a love so fiery it felt like a weather pattern in the 1963 single by famed songwriting team Holland–Dozier–Holland, the effect of “Heat Wave” remains the same.
“Saturday in the Park,” Chicago
The band may be called Chicago, but the story goes that “Saturday in the Park” was inspired by a summer day in 1971 — “I think it was the 4th of July,” the song says — spent in NYC’s famed Central Park, soaking up street performances. The following July, Chicago released “Saturday in the Park,” and it became their biggest hit, reaching No. 3 on the Hot 100 chart.
“Summer of ’69,” Bryan Adams
In his biggest hit to date, Bryan Adams outlines instructions for a great summer, even if it’s not 1969. Step 1: Buy your first real six-string. Step 2: Start a band. Step 3: Meet your one true love at a drive-in. Step 4: Hang out on a porch. Step 5: Have the best days of your life.
“Summer in the City,” The Lovin’ Spoonful
Summer can take on a different meaning for urban dwellers, as the summer tends to accentuate certain negative aspects of city life (funky smells, heat trapped between skyscrapers, etc.). Still, there’s nothing quite like a summer night stroll in the big city, making the grit and grime worth it. The Lovin’ Spoonful captured that dynamic in their1966 hit.
“The Boys of Summer,” Don Henley
Don Henley has 1984′s “The Boys of Summer” to thank for turning him into a big star outside of the Eagles, but it’s fans who really should be tipping their hats to Henley. He created an enduring ode to sentimentalism by reflecting on carefree summers passed — something we all can long for as we age.
”Vacation,” The Go-Go’s
The Go-Go’s got a big hit in the summer of 1982 with “Vacation,” a song that perhaps would not have went Top 10 on the charts had it been released in snowy November. Sure, adults can take vacation whenever they please, but there’s something about a road trip that demands to be taken in the summer.
“Surfin’ USA,” The Beach Boys
An argument could be made that the majority of the Beach Boys’ early hits are universal summer songs. But with its name-checking of major surf spots across the country (well, mostly just California, but you get the picture), 1963′s “Surfin’ USA” takes the fun-in-the-sun cake.
“Cruel Summer,” Bananarama
As Bananarama chronicled in 1984′s “Cruel Summer,” the season is not necessarily all sunshine and smiles. The heat can make us crazy, and the fun we perceive others to be having can make us feel even lonelier.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Ok, so I earned a game at the A Cup.
Ran the line for Dan. Dan did super well. Me? I survived the heat.
Spectator actually said the crew looked sharp wearing El Presidente. So that confirms the results of the earlier poll... El Presidente looks best in sun!

Top 10 songs about the sun...
  1. "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles - The Beatles top our list of the 10 best songs about the sun, as they top many musical lists. A George Harrison-penned track from "Abbey Road," it is light and beautiful and one of the band's most memorable compositions.
  2. "California Sun" by the Rivieras - This surf-and-sand classic is a celebration of everything about California's beachy warm weather vibe. Recorded by many artists, the Rivieras' original version is the one to make our list of the 10 best songs about the sun.
  3. "Sunshine of Your Love" by Cream - The sun is often equated with love in music and poetry; so it is with this Cream hit. One of the most iconic riffs of sixties rock leads off this the intro to this entry on our list of best songs about the sun.
  4. "Play in the Sunshine" by Prince - An odd track from Prince's sprawling "Sign O' The Times" album, it is the Paisley Park auteur at his quirky best. It is one of the best songs about the sun despite its utter strangeness.
  5. "Another Sunny Day" by Belle & Sebastian - A sweet love song with a surprisingly propulsive backbeat, "Another Sunny Day" is the best song from Belle & Sebastian's "The Life Pursuit" album. It is also one of the best songs about the sun recorded in the 2000s.
  6. "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" by Pink Floyd - This space rock, Sci-fi drone comes from Floyd's more experimental early years. It is different than many of our other entries but still belongs on our list of best songs about the sun.
  7. "Staring at the Sun" by TV on the Radio - TV on the Radio's dissonant indie rock is highlighted by looped vocals harmonizing with one another. That trademark is best illustrated on "Staring at the Sun," probably the band's most well-known song.
  8. "Sunshine Rain" by King's X - A hard-hitting alt-rock ballad, this dynamic song could be about a lover or about God. It's hard to tell, but the sun shines through the rain on this lovely track.
  9. "Honey in the Sun" by Camera Obscura - Belle & Sebastian's Scottish comrades come in with this Northern Soul-tinged cut. It is an unabashed unrequited love song and belongs on our list of the 10 best songs about the sun.
  10. "Good Day Sunshine" by the Beatles - The Beatles close out the list as well with this "Revolver" cut. It is a fitting capper for our list of the 10 best songs about the sun.

What an amazing crew working this tournament!

More pictures:

Heard a great idea... xbox kinect refereeing 2012
You're in the middle of the soccer game as the referee. You make the appropriate arm signals to guide the  onscreen avatar. Exercise and training all in one!

Kinda a short post tonight cause kinda tired.

Oh yah, follow me on Twitter!  Over 40 followers (43 last count).  Yah, that's 43.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


So, it was raining during the game. I know, weird right?
Fortunately, got to wear Peacemaker, cause well... Peacemaker looks best in the rain as we all know.

If this season of rain continues, am going to switch to a new kit.

Game Summary:
For my two followers, you know it's been forever since my last game. And did I feel it. Game gets going, complete some runs and am thinking, wow, breathing hard must be getting close to half... nope 10 minutes in. Sigh, gonna be a long night.
Fortunately, this level always provides opportunity for... levity. Seriously, you question why I had to send your team mate off. We continue to 'discuss' as we move from the penalty area to the half line for the restart, you continue to express displeasure, I move away, you continue and you wonder why this is dissent. Really, I need to listen to you longer before it qualifies as dissent?! LOL

Stat Line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 4.64 / 5.9 / 28.7
2nd / 2.54 / 3.3 / 17.6

Total distance thru 90 min: 7.18 km

K, obviously the tracker was affected by the rain and totally screwed up the first half. No way I ran 4.64 km first half. I'm good but wow (sarcasm people). Second half is more in line. Funny enough, first game at this level I've tracked.

2nd half

Had to violate the sacred circle due to slippery surface (couldn't traction to sling shot) and conditioning. Plus the team down a man did a whole lotta kick and run which meant diagonals to keep up.

2 cautions
1 send off

As I showed the red I actually thought "Bazinga".

Marty and Daniel.
Nice wait and see from Daniel; held off as the player coming from an off side position dummied the ball allowing the onside player to run on to it. His flag hand twitched but he kept it down.

Really, is there any other when it rains?

Monday, 2 July 2012

Blue Sky

I'm back!
(cue the smattering of applause and the 'you were gone?' catcalls).

Thanks so much to the guest bloggers who more than admirable filled in! Well done!

It's been sooo long since I've had a game, I can feel the cardio leaving my body daily. Walking to the kitchen I get winded, not a good sign. Instead of training sprints I'm going to have to do training walks.

Been busy helping prepare for the A Cup in town later this week. I was going to put a picture below but when I googled A Cup got some images not really appropriate for a family friendly blog.

On an unrelated note, had a productive long weekend. Got through first two seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix!
Walt White is eerily similar to a soccer referee; leaves for periods of time, meets people at neutral & public places, money changes hands for services, occasionally needs to set the tone to keep people in line (give respect to get respect).

Hope to post daily during the A Cup and maybe I can talk OiA to posting as well. Many local officials will be in action!