Monday, 2 July 2012

Blue Sky

I'm back!
(cue the smattering of applause and the 'you were gone?' catcalls).

Thanks so much to the guest bloggers who more than admirable filled in! Well done!

It's been sooo long since I've had a game, I can feel the cardio leaving my body daily. Walking to the kitchen I get winded, not a good sign. Instead of training sprints I'm going to have to do training walks.

Been busy helping prepare for the A Cup in town later this week. I was going to put a picture below but when I googled A Cup got some images not really appropriate for a family friendly blog.

On an unrelated note, had a productive long weekend. Got through first two seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix!
Walt White is eerily similar to a soccer referee; leaves for periods of time, meets people at neutral & public places, money changes hands for services, occasionally needs to set the tone to keep people in line (give respect to get respect).

Hope to post daily during the A Cup and maybe I can talk OiA to posting as well. Many local officials will be in action!

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