Tuesday, 3 July 2012


So, it was raining during the game. I know, weird right?
Fortunately, got to wear Peacemaker, cause well... Peacemaker looks best in the rain as we all know.

If this season of rain continues, am going to switch to a new kit.

Game Summary:
For my two followers, you know it's been forever since my last game. And did I feel it. Game gets going, complete some runs and am thinking, wow, breathing hard must be getting close to half... nope 10 minutes in. Sigh, gonna be a long night.
Fortunately, this level always provides opportunity for... levity. Seriously, you question why I had to send your team mate off. We continue to 'discuss' as we move from the penalty area to the half line for the restart, you continue to express displeasure, I move away, you continue and you wonder why this is dissent. Really, I need to listen to you longer before it qualifies as dissent?! LOL

Stat Line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 4.64 / 5.9 / 28.7
2nd / 2.54 / 3.3 / 17.6

Total distance thru 90 min: 7.18 km

K, obviously the tracker was affected by the rain and totally screwed up the first half. No way I ran 4.64 km first half. I'm good but wow (sarcasm people). Second half is more in line. Funny enough, first game at this level I've tracked.

2nd half

Had to violate the sacred circle due to slippery surface (couldn't traction to sling shot) and conditioning. Plus the team down a man did a whole lotta kick and run which meant diagonals to keep up.

2 cautions
1 send off

As I showed the red I actually thought "Bazinga".

Marty and Daniel.
Nice wait and see from Daniel; held off as the player coming from an off side position dummied the ball allowing the onside player to run on to it. His flag hand twitched but he kept it down.

Really, is there any other when it rains?

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