Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Catch phrase

Well, finally got in a game. It's been a while with sickness, travel, generally laziness.
Good game overall.

I picked up a pair of shoe inserts over the weekend and must say they felt good.

Something like these
And again, the tracker only recorded first half. I think the app is draining the battery and I need to be fully charged before I start. Stupid bb battery. Must switch to one of these new fangled "iphone". (need more games to pay for said iphone). Somehow the boys have iphones and I don't. Sigh.
Or maybe I'll get a Sumsung knockoff. hmmm
I digress...

Stat Line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 2.84 / 3.6 / 19
2nd / 

Total distance extrapolated thru 90 min: 5.68 km

Regular readers of this blog (hahaha 'readers' is plural) know that Mac Island field Google earth overlay used by the tracker is hopelessly out of date. So, close your eyes and pretend the pitch markings line up with the track. Or maybe the game was that one-sided?


Guise sistas.  (notice the spelling of sista... gangster style, cause that's how I roll)

El Presidente

So, whenever I hear certain words or phrases, my mind comes up with a  pop reference.  For example...


Anyone named "Al" I automatically think "Big Gay Al".

The following words or combination of cause me to say "That's what she said": meat, big, huge, package, insert.
I do this automatically.

When I receive a "Thank you Neil" I think, and usually say, "don't thank me, thank the moon's gravitational pull"  Helpful link here

Sad, I know.

hey, 4 away from 100 followers!
Who woulda thunk it.


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