Monday, 11 March 2013

Something found

Well, it has been a while since I've posted. Much to the chagrin of my two followers.
Could actually be only one given the attention span of the internet generation.

But what caused me to start writing?

A coin.

So, I put on a jacket I haven't worn for a while. Turns out there's a coin in there. A referee Adidas coin that went missing near the end of last season. Apparently it was in this coat pocket the entire time.
Made my day. It's super nice when you find something that you thought you'd lost, it's like you just got it brand new.

Which got me thinking about our two recent entry level referee clinics.
We held two clinics and welcome 43 new referees into the world. Many of these people are players already and I've seen them (or reffed them) on the pitch. Now, they are brand new referees!

Very encouraging to see the number of youth involved. That is the future of officials.

Plus, I have a whole new bunch to educate about Adjudicator, El Presidente and Peacemaker.

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