Sunday, 31 March 2013


So, I'm watching Australian Rules Football (Hawthorn vs Geelong). Back in the day I had an Australian exchange teacher who taught AFL for PE. Ever since, I've harboured a secret passion for the footie game.
Watching it on tv I love to watch the referees. Unfailingly polite to the players, run everywhere and the goal line judge has the coolest signal in refere lexicon...

Lot's of whistles though. Every time a player catches a ball kicked by a mate... whistle. Which got me thinking, the nice thing about soccer reffing is the whistle restraint. Restart the game at the 1st or 2nd half, after a goal, after a substitution, foul, really, that's most of them.

(not sure lexicon was used properly, but since nobody reads this I will leave it in).

Anyway, I hope the KSRA referee symposium gets a good turnout.

Only like 13 days to season start, then I can start tracking my games and posting for the enjoyment of... nobody.  Sigh.

Go Geelong. 

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