Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Man of Mystery

Well, first game of 2013 in the books.
Exhibition with no AR's but oh well.
Good to get out and stretch the legs.

For those new to this blog, I write about my games. I have a gps tracker and provide some rudimentary stats. Nobody reads this but whatever. 

To bring everyone up to speed:
I generally only wear 2010 World Cup jerseys. I have 3 sets of 3 colours (yes, 9 jerseys total), yellow, black and red. I've named these:
Adjudicator (yellow)
Peacemaker (black)
El Presidente (red)

Actually, for this game I wore a new Euro kit. I only have singles of those (yellow and dark) so maybe yellow Euro shall be: Goldmember

Game summary:
Two halves of 35 minutes each. Exhibition so the boys were tame and restrained. Kinda nice in a way, just playing soccer and not trying to finish with body checks. One or two players didn't get the memo and went in a bit hard but other than that fairly straight forward.

Am using a new GPS tracker. Well, same software but new phone. I use Endomondo ( it's a free app(lication). Set the phone to mute, start the app, strap on via armband and voila, free gps tracker.

Stat line:
half / total distance (km) / avg speed (km/hr) / top speed (min/km)
1st / 2.49 / 4.2 / 3:16 
2nd / 2.17 / 3.5 / 3:53 

This version of the app provides top speed as min/km. Is a 3 min kilometre good?

However, not bad overall. On pace for 5.99 km over 90 minutes.


I don't think the field boundaries are accurate, next game might have to do a gps baseline and 'mark' the midline.
Anyway, not bad diagonals each half.

1st half

2nd half




Must think of name for dark Euro.

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