Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bo knows

Little known fun fact about me... back in the day I used to be Provincial level volleyball referee. I remember refereeing Cariboo College matches whilst in high school. Haven't reffed in a while though. So, I'm at the TRU match the other night and what happens? The officials are short a linesman and the head referee sees me in the crowd. Yup, I was recruited to flag the lines on a University exhibition match.

Good match, but got me thinking. How I felt (nervous) is probably very much like younger, newer officials when they first start. All the more important that the soccer crew works as a team. A great pre-game discussion, warmup, eye contact all help create a team atmosphere and gives a less experienced official a huge confidence boost.

I'm next to the pole, wearing shorts.
Speaking of confidence boost, had two this past weekend. I know, two!
Keep wearing the underarmour cause I think it's going to be cool and I'll need the warmth, but nope, super warm and I sweat a storm. Plus, the black underarmour and ref shorts look is super hot! I've mentioned it before but I think an underarmour kit would kick butt. But I digress...

Game Summary:
Both games were weird in the sense that game 1) was exhibition and game 2) was the last league game that didn't affect the standings (so kinda like exhibition).

Stat Line:
Game 1 (40 min halves)
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 2.70 / 3.3 / 19.8

2nd / 2.64 / 3.6 / 18.2

Game 2

half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 2.18 / 2.7 / 20.7

2nd / 2.03 / 2.6 / 17.3

Total distance thru 90 min (game 2)  4.21 km

Yup, 4.21 km. The game didn't need anymore.

Game 1 was so very one sided! or the field markings are off in the overlay image.

Game 2. The track over compensates on to how little I moved.

1 through both game

Game 1: Chris and Bailey (a late night coffee order)
Games 2: Kyle and Quinn (awesome name for a law firm)

El Presidente and Adjudicator

So, back to the volleyball reffing, yes I am a multi sport official. The Bo Jackson of officials if you will.
Sigh, just realized my two readers have never heard of Bo.
Ask your parents, the Bo commercials would cause bars to go quiet.

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