Sunday, 16 September 2012

Heavy Metal

Well, it's been a while - since I've posted, since I've had a game, and since I've been able to track a full game.
Well, wait no longer! The internet's least read blog (except when Guest poster fills in) is back!
Got some (interesting?) thoughts but those are after the game recap.

Gosh darn my legs felt dead. Like I was running in water. Loosened up by second half but first half was painful.

Game Summary:
Got a new battery so bb works like a charm now. No more cutting out during calls, and more importantly I have enough juice to track 2 halves. Ah, technology, gotta luv it.

Stat Line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 2.8 / 3.5 / 29.2 ?!
2nd / 2.38 / 3 / 17.1

Total distance thru 90 min: 5.18 km

Max speed 1st half is a bit off, but I'll take it. Ironic that my legs were dead and I run like the Flash.


Quickly conferred with AR that's why the track deep in AR quadrant.


Linda and Kyle
Good communication and awesome work!

El Presidente

So, I went to a Blazers game Friday (thanks  for the tix). I watched the refs quite a bit. I noticed a couple similarities.
The hockey crew had several instances (that I could see) of communication, lots of subtle hand signals. I know personally I'm working to improve my communication with my teams and it was good to see officials in a different sport on what they do.
The last couple of minutes of intermission they are the first ones on the ice and do couple quick laps to warmup. I generally do a a pre game warm up (albeit quick sometimes), but maybe need to do a sprint or two before 2nd half to get back in the mode?
I really think soccer refs should wear numbers. Hmm, what number would I be? 99... been done. 00... maybe. 69... to obvious but funny.
Regardless of what number my 2 followers wear, they'll always be #1 in my heart!

If you had to list top heavy metal bands it would go something like this:
1 Black Sabbath
2 Judas Priest
3 Iron Maiden
4 Panthera
5 Mothorhead
6 Slayer
7 Metallica (con Cliff Burton)
8 Ozzy Osbourne
9 Black Label Society
10 Magadeh

Until next time, stay thirsty my friends.
And follow me on Twitter, so close to 100 followers.

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