Sunday, 30 September 2012

Reality TV

Probably one of the final games of the year for me. I can't do high school league due to early start times.
So, switching to training mode hopefully after thanksgiving. Have organized off season training sessions past couple of years and each year more and more members join. Very excited for this off season and getting more young refs out.

On an unrelated note, watching Amazing Race as I type. Has there ever been a team of two soccer refs?
Seriously, they have Chippendales, so why not two refs? I would watch that.

I have an idea: Ref Camp. 10 aspiring refs are followed 24/7 as they attend a Regional upgrade session. The drama, the tears, the swearing. I would also watch this.

Game Summary:

This was a good game from two competitive teams.
Weather was fantastic so no complaints from me. One team upset with a call early on, but same team had two, yes two, PK's late in game... and only converted one. So, yah.

Stat Line:

half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 2.54 / 2.9 / 24.5
2nd / 2.67 / 3.2 / 17.3

Total distance thru 90 min 5.21 km

2nd half..

3 cautions, 1 send off.

Game 1: Morgan and Ciaran.


So, players are encouraged to 'skate' when they need to hustle. Are hockey players told to 'run'? #confused.

Broke 100 followers! Now onto 200!

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