Monday, 14 April 2014

A new season

After a one year hiatus, the internet's least read blog is back!
That's right, The Reckless Tackle returns, with new posts, new characters and shocking plot twists.

For those unaware of this blog (or to more accurately state, for the two people aware of this blog) I recap my game. Sometimes I use pretty charts and pictures!

Game summary:
First game of the year! 2x 45 min.
Fantastic day for it, two nice teams.

Stat line:
half / total distance (km) / avg speed (km/hr) / top speed (min/km)
1st: 3.11 / 15:40 0:03:30
2nd: 3.43 / 13:54  / 0:03:08

Well now. 6.54 km for first game. Not too bad. I think I want to get this up to 7 / game.
Then I think, I'm this close | | to retirement, so maybe 6.5 is realistic.  Sigh.

Satellite image for Mac 1 & 2 is updated!

first half

second half


Quinn and Rei


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