Thursday, 17 April 2014

It's gold, it's gold, it's solid gold baby

So, game 2 of the season under the belt.
No AR's and first game of the season for the boys, so we did 30 min halves.
Actually, 25 min first half then 35 the second. Yes, I know both halves need to be the same, but at my core I'm a bleeding heart liberal.

To track GPS I use  It's a free "app" (short for application).
Why doesn't the city have wifi at all fields? Would save me using data plan.
Also, silly phone died at half so couldn't track 2nd half.

Stat line:
half / total distance (km) / avg speed (km/hr) / top speed (min/km)
1st: 1.84 / 14:03 0:03:24
2nd: phone died.  

1.84 km for 25 min, which puts me on track for 6.6 for 90 min.
Last post I set a goal for 7km / game, which I thought was good. Until I got a text from a colleague saying she and her partner each did 8km for their games. Sigh.

Ok, why doesn't Mac come with a Paint application? Really, I can't download and simple edit a graphic file (like on Windows)? If one of my readers can fill me in on how to do this that would be great
So, for this photo I took a picture on my phone of the track on my computer, then emailed the picture to the computer, download, then uploaded. Technology!

My diagonal was shifted to the west touchline for some reason.

No bookings, heck, didn't record scorers as it's exhibition.

Goldmember (yup, search the archive to find this kit reference)
Can't wait until the 2014 WC kit arrives...
If anyone knows Stephen + Aaron, bug them for me!

Peace Out

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