Friday, 8 June 2012


And the summary for yesterdays game.
As mentioned yesterday, rainy.
Many the players (both teams) were wearing undergarments (ie "hoodies" with the hood tucked under the jersey). Rain stopped, many started taking the hoodies off while on the field. Sigh. Hold the throw in while we sort this out.
10 min later, rain restarted again. Sigh again.

25 songs about rain

Game Summary:
Pretty good game actually.

Stat line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 1.78 / 2.5 / 19.6
2nd / 1.68 / 2.3 / 20.2

Total distance thru 90 min: 3.46 km

Second game of this level I've tracked . The other game had a longer distance (3.86).
Stayed out of the centre circle, kinda getting into that groove. Have to see if I can maintain during a higher level match.

So, I've tracked the first and second halves of 13 matches. (I have several where I just did one half or the other). Below is a chart showing the distances covered by half for the matches where I tracked both halves.

Red = 1st half
Blue = 2nd half

Interestingly, I cover more ground in the first half. Could my conditioning be to blame? Laziness? 
Have to keep any eye on this to ensure my focus remains for the full 90.

Percentage of times I cover distance by half




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