Thursday, 14 June 2012


After all the rain the sun shined for tonight's game.
Field was soggy but playable.

Game Summary:
Haven't done this level for a while. Same as I remember it.
Tracked the first half, took the arm band off at half, then forgot to grab it for the 2nd.
Sigh, getting old.

Stat line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 2.67 / 3.3 / 21.1

Shame, cause first half wasn't bad, on track for a 5km + game. Good avg speed as well.

Training and conditioning plan must be paying dividends. Or more likely the satellites were out of synch causing abnormally high readings. 
As usual, the overlay image for Mac is out of date. So, close your eyes and pretend there's a field.

Pretty good movement and stayed out of the centre circle for the most part.
In the 2nd, I couldn't figure out what was wrong, then I realized no arm band. Then for some reason I didn't care if I went in the centre circle. Almost as if the tracker wasn't watching and I could cheat. Weird feeling.

2 cautions. One for each team, 1 minute apart. 

Steve-O and @farber94

El Presidente

It's officially summer when I stop for a flavoured frozen drink after the game. Thanks @msakaki666

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