Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fruit Salad

As much as I like (adore) the World Cup kits (aka Peacemaker, Adjudicator, Judgement Day and El Presidente), I think it would be neato if refs could add to them.
For example, a series of rectangular patches of varying colours signifying caution and send offs.
Like medals.

Maybe you need to achieve a certain number to earn a patch. 10 cautions = solid yellow patch (aka 'private') while 50 cautions gets you the yellow patch with a stripe (aka 'captain').
Think of the respect factor. Walk out on the pitch and players would know that 'ohhh, he's a General, better be on best behaviour'.
Earn a shoulder star for every 5 PKs awarded.
'ohh, he's a 4 star General'

Of course, then the annual refresher would be more like boot camp. (Warning, foul and abusive language).

While we're thinking about cautions and send offs, why is it that all refs seem to use the same plastic yellow and red cards? If I ever earned a FIFA referee badge, you bet your bippy my cards would be major bling bling. The yellow card has gold edging and embedded with diamonds (to better sparkle in the sun). The red card is solid platinum with a ruby in the centre. It weighs nearly 3 lbs but when I pull it out the stadium falls silent in awe. Poets weep at the beauty.

Please vote on the best kit to wear in the sun.
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"Fruit-salad" is also a slang term used for medals on a soldiers uniform, e.g. "Look at the fruit-salad on that colonel." The term refers to the bright colors of a high percentage of the ribbons that usually go with medals - Wikipedia

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