Monday, 25 June 2012

That Game....

   Hey guys, I am the guest blogger for tonight! Since Neil does such a good job at this I am expecting to have zero reads, but hopefully it will reach a few souls. 

   So tonight I want to talk about something that usually us as referees never like to talk about. What happens  when something in our game goes horribly wrong? You know it, the players know it, the crowd knows it, even the blind guy on field 1 knows it! We could call it back, but its too late now we have let play continue. Our earlier call is now getting us in trouble later in the game, and problems are compounding on top of one another. Finally after about 75 minutes if yelling and complaining the final whistle goes, and you just feel relieved to be leaving the field before more people start to go after you. 

   We as referees are expected to have a very tough skin and usually can take most things, but even I once just felt overwhelmed after a game and went home and just broke down and didn't even want to ref anymore! I can't even imagine not reffing, however, this game just pushed me over the edge. 

   So in this situation we should reach out to fellow referees to discuss what happened, and how we could have managed it better or even just call Neil or someone else and just chat about it. We are referees, but most of all we work as a team on and off the pitch. 

   Basically what I am trying to get at is don't hang you head about a crappy or bad game. Use it too make you better and make it drive you to be better so that it never happens again.

Anyway, here's the game stats:

1st Half: 2.71km
2nd Half 2.24km

Kit: El Presidente

Was a U18 boys game for like last place so it was a bit of a gong show, but the game went to overtime, and also I would like to say that maybe we should consider putting in assistants for that age group next year.

I bid you a fair night with this.....

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  1. Well put Guest Blogger!
    We (officials) need to stick together and help each other out.