Thursday, 21 June 2012

Build It: Beep Flags!

Ok, so I want beep flags, but don't have the $800 to purchase.
I Googled "Build a beep flag". No results.
Figured I watched enough Junk Yard Wars and could build a set myself, in under an hour.

So I dug up some stuff lying around the house and... well, check it out below...

Phase 1: The Build.

Start with flag, 2 walkie talkies and scotch tape.

Tape a walkie talkie to handle of flag.

That's it. Here's me holding the flag. Pretty comfortable actually.

To signal off side, slide the thumb up to the 'call button' and press. 

Voila, the other walkie talkie (carried by the ref, signals). 

Build time, approx 10 minutes!
Phase 2 is upcoming and consists of proof of concept, then beta testing in actual game.

Couple of kinks to work out:
  • Need a third walkie talkie for the other AR;
  • These can pick up other radios on the same frequency (maybe keep volume low?);
  • Secure to the flag stick.  Though it was pretty stable and didn't move even with 3 pieces of tape.
Anyone have a walkie talkie I can use?
Who wants to test this with me?

Oh yah, did a game. Here's the stat line:

half / total km / top speed / avg speed
1st / 2.68 / 3.5 / 20
2nd 2.41 / 3.0 / 21.8

Third match at this level I've fully tracked and tonight waaaay ahead of the other 2 by a country mile.
This level has no ARs and it was a playoff so I felt I needed to be a bit closer to play than usual. 
3.5 km / hr top speed!  I'll let Iron Mike tell you how I feel about that!

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