Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Beautiful Mind

Another rainy day. Couldn't wear Peacemaker as one team had black kit, so Adjudicator it was.
Good game, I'll do the game summary tomorrow. In the meantime, had a thought during the match for a post. And since nobody reads this anyway, I thought, why not blog it?

Stuff I don't know...

  1. How my MacBook works. I can open Word, Chrome, iTunes, but don't know what the Mac equivalent of Ctrl-Alt-Del is for example. And why no Paint program?
  2. "Like this for a tbh".  huh?
  3. What's a "meme"?
  4. Music from the 90's.  Listened to 90's on 9 Sirius Channel the other day for several hours, and nope, did not recognize a single song. Did I zone out for an entire decade? Was the music that horrible? I cannot name 10 5 songs from that decade.
  5. Fashion. Why *can't* I wear socks different colour than my pants? And socks with sandals keeps the feet warm thank you very much.
  6. Google +
  7. How to finish a Bloons track on hard difficulty.
  8. The plot to Lost. Never got into that series.
  9. How to program my PVR. 
  10. The lyrics to Edge of 17. 

If someone knows an answer, please leave a comment and help me out! 


  1. 1. Apple equivalent of Ctrl-Alt-Del is on the top left hand corner of the typing board "esc" button - it will bring up the "force quit" options.
    2. Apparently "tbh" stands for "to be honest" in which kids these days want an excuse to say something honestly to whoever asks for someone to write something about them. It's kind of a combination of asking for permission to give someone a compliment and asking for a compliment.
    3. Ask Trevor and Nathan. hahaha
    4. This is a lie - we all know you know the names of at least five spice girls songs...
    5. Because wearing the same colour socks as your pants gives the visual illusion of elongating your leg length! (But being short is better anyways so this rule is clearly faulty...)

  2. Ahh, that explains some stuff!
    I still have no idea what that squiggle keyboard symbol does.
    To Be Honest that was a great comment!

  3. tip on the bloons track the glue gunners fully upgraded kill it at the very start where the bloons come out

  4. ohh, nice!
    I rarely use glue gunners, I usually go with freeze monkey.
    You would think a sun god would be enough, but no it's not.
    Stupid camo bloons!