Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Bit late on this post, but tbh I did get an OiA out the door.
And I've spent the past 2 hours on Bloons 5. Just read the tip about maxing out the Glue Gunners, will try that next. Thanks Anon!
I suspect I have no life. Not quite as bad as this, but close.

Another 'hobby' I have is for the past couple of years I have read every match, caution and send off report submitted through the KSRA portal. Not cause I like to lurk and creep, but to see if referees had questions or issues that need follow up. Yup, every report for all the leagues.
Over the years, I've gotten to know the writing styles of many people.
So today I thought I'd share some quips from a couple of officials I enjoy reading.

Pretty clean game, although for the most part it's kick and chase which is somewhat annoying. :/
An A-OK game. Nothing further to report, really.
Team XX did not have corner flags, according to the coach they were stolen so 2 balls wrapped in yellow pinnies were used. Weather was overcast and wet
Players and coaches of both teams were fantastic, and the parents of XX team were great, telling me i did a good job etc. the YYY team parents, not so much.

One trend I noticed last season was the use of 'careless' to describe a caution. Eg. It was a careless tackle and so I cautioned the player. 
To correct this, the KSRA highlighted the proper use of terminology at the refreshers in the KSRA pre-season information presentation. I think the message got through as I see refs using Reckless instead of careless now.

So there you go, reading close to 3000 reports and we now use correct verbiage. 

Yes, it's official, I have no life.

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