Sunday, 10 June 2012


So, the sun came out and of course I didn't use protection, so my arms and little sections on the front and back of the neck are red. Sigh. Fortunately, was able to get some SPF 200 on the nose and checks so glass half full.

If Peacemaker looks best in the rain, which kit looks best in the mid day sun?
Tough call.
What do you think? Adjudicator... El Presidente... Judgement Day? Or does Peacemaker look best in all weather? Leave a comment with your vote. Vote using the poll buttons to the right -->  Ideally, both my readers vote the same, if not it's a tie.

Game Summary:
Good clean game. Not sure why, but both teams were slipping and losing footing. Perhaps the grass is getting worn down?
Forgot to turn the bb tracker to silent and of course 30 min in I get an email so the email chime goes off. Sigh.
So here's a thought, instead of investing in beep flags and a communication system between ARs and the ref, why not have everyone use Instant Messenger (or similar). AR's quickly text the ref when they see something, ref sets his phone to vibrate and voila, communication system. Add this to my 100 year predictions.

Stat line:
half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 2.31 / 3.0 / 17.9
2nd / 2.02 / 2.6 / 18.2

Total distance thru 90 min:  4.33 km

Have tracked 3 games at this level. Total distance was right in the middle for this level. Average speed was lowest. 

I was curious if I could maintain my 'stay out of the centre circle' at this level. For the most part worked, but I found some goal kick restarts awkward and once or twice I need to cheat and run through to stay with a long kick and run. Other than that seemed to work and I find I'm getting used to the movement. 
Couple of notes about this visual:
  • Mac fields are not updated in the tracker satellite imagery, so no field boundary to reference;
  • I'm writing todays post on the MacBook and as previously stated, I don't know how to work it. So, I don't know how to screen capture an image, then basic edit it with lines and circles as I usually do. Result? I took a picture of the track using the tab, then uploaded the photo to Picassa, then cropped it, then downloaded then uploaded into here. 
  • Use your imagination and you'll kinda see the centre circle I was avoiding. However, the play was so much in one half the circle is not in the middle of the track lines, but skewed to the bottom.

1 caution.

Emi and Rei.
Or as they want to be known: Ann and Nancy Wilson of soccer officials. *


* I totally get that my (2) readers will NOT understand this reference.

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