Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Below are the gps results of games last week (minus Ice Breaker). 
I'm thinking I need to pick up a heart rate monitor and ideally sync heart rate to gps them I could chart/track fitness (improvement?) over the season.

Mens rec game, 35 min half, no ARs. This is my track for the 2nd half. 1.85 total km, avg speed of 3.0 (!) km/hr. Notice the track boundaries (red outline) mirrors the field.
April 27, Womens league. 35 min half, with ARs. I tracked the 1st half. Total km=1.74km, avg speed = 2.3km/hr.
More diagonal track for sure.
Finally, April 28. U15 girls with 35min halves and no ARs. Here's the 2nd half. No ortho overlay as the Google Earth map is out of date to the current field configuration.  The line chart at the bottom is speed. Not many (or any) speed bursts, rather more an overall simmer. Total km = 1.19 km, avg speed of 2.9km / hr.

See you on the pitch my 2 loyal readers!

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