Wednesday, 16 May 2012

(updated with working Steve Austin action figure pictures)

Mens game tonight. Nice weather unlike the other day when the hurricane hit. Felt I was moving pretty good. GPS backs it up... Halves of 2.56km and 2.77km. New top avg speed, I hit 3.1km / hr. Much better stats than my first mens game, maybe some conditioning is kicking in? Cue the bionic man music.
Curtis and Darrin did great work. Lots of eye contact and we worked as a team.
Glad Emmi did the 7 steps to wall mgt presentation last week. Wall management can be a crucial part of a match. Had a situation which I felt I managed correctly. Coach had a different opinion but replaying it over (several times) I'm good with how I handled it (and the outcome).

And yes, I actually owned a Steve Austin action figure!

Peel away forearm skin to reveal his electronic sinews!

And for boys of a certain age, if I said name one bionic man episode, I bet 99 / 100 say it's the sasquatch one.

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