Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The first tournament of the season - the Ice Breaker - is in the books. Great weather for sure.
I was able to work with many different officials. Good to see brand new refs and long time vets working together. Was able to capture some pictures, see them here
Just a quick thought about feedback. As an official we can hear many different feedback during the game (from players, coaches, spectators). It's important that we as officials are able to give and receive feedback from each other in positive, constructive ways. Refs, take some time after a game to debrief with your team - how did the game from everyone's perspective, was there a game situation the team needs to discuss? Athletics cool down after a workout and officials should do a game 'cool down' as well. 
I know I give feedback ad nauseam  - my goal is to see every official have the tools they need to succeed - and yes, I like to receive it as well. After my game today I received some very good feedback, I really appreciate the comments and definitely helps me see the game better.

As always, thanks to my 2 readers out there!

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