Monday, 21 May 2012

Long weekend Monday!
KYSA Slurpee Cup recovery day, for sure.
Thanks to all the officials who made this tournament happen. Special thanks to the out of town refs.
Extra Thank you to those on the outlying fields - sometimes it can get lonely out there - I really appreciate your efforts!

Some thoughts, bullet form:

  • That's a lot of games in two days!
  • I was on the Island and tried to visit the fields in between games - I saw  officials working hard to keep games on time (literally running between fields), crews working together, really good mechanics (more on that in the up-coming Super Sized Officials in Action (tm), and camaraderie all around.
  • pictures  (Thanks Andy for the Kay Bingham pix)
  • Edmonton - Calgary u18 boys final. Well, that was an experience. (ask me about it sometime).
  • Turns out sunscreen was only needed Saturday. Sunday, a coat would have been nice.
  • I vote Norkam for 'best field marking job' award.
  • We tend to allocate younger, newer refs for u12 - but really, IMHO those games are the most intense as proven by Bohl in 1936: 
    • [(Sideline packed with parents + smaller field) x lots of non-stop action / players of vastly different abilities and physical development] x pi = intense
  • Must say, I am partial to the WC kit, however, what's to stop the KSRA from creating our own kit? In that vein, the good hair crew had some thoughts. This will be it's own future post, but for now think... underarmour (black), fur lined collar.  Nuff said!
  • Thanks Stephen and Holly for conducting the training session Friday. Short notice but still had 7 or 9 join.

  • Finally, thank Kelly Clarkson for compression socks. Picked up a pair from Runners Sole pre-season. Best. Decision. Ever.  (as opposed to the following)

Warning, Profanity.

As always, thank you to my two loyal readers!


  1. Love the blog, keep it up!

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