Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

First game after the KYSA Slurpee Cup. Back in the saddle so to speak.
Have some random thoughts to share, but first game summary.

Stat line:
Didn't track as forgot armband at home. Sad face all around.

This was a lopsided game, one team (vastly) controlled play so this probably was an average or so game from total distance pov. Only a couple of sprints required and there seemed to be long periods of time with little or no movement so the avg km and top km (I felt) are low in this game.

To increase the fun factor, I conducted a couple of sprints to restart positions but then I thought blah why bother. Then I thought, well, I need the conditioning, so I did a couple more.  I really need to get a heart rate monitor that uploads and syncs, the one I have only records max and min with no uploading. Old technology.

No visual cause I stupidly left the armband on the counter.

4 cautions.

Fritz and Tucker. Fine performance from Fritz and a great effort from Tucker - lots of eye contact, good o/s calls. Also a darn fine buddy cop movie title.

Random note #1
I misplaced my favourite coin Sat night so Sun I used a backup. Didn't feel right, the weight was all wrong. Fortunately, found the coin and all is right again. Got me thinking, why use a coin at all? Imagine the entertainment value generated by a rousing best of 3 game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock! Team captains would not be the best player or leader, but the kid with quick twitch hands. And don't get me started on strategy.

Random note #2
So I've tracked 21 halves for distance. Chart below plots time (half length on the vertical axis) and distance covered (in km along the bottom). Generally, in a 45 min half I cover between 2.5 1.8 to nearly 3 km.
Results are pretty linear. Which means I'm consistent. Looks like I've found a comfort zone. For the next 20 or so games, I'm going to work on 1) increasing distance which means I need to get a bit deeper and wider on positioning, and 2) avg speed which means a bit more running when needed. Assuming I remember to bring the arm band.

Random note #3
Fun fact #578 about me. I have 3 complete sets of World Cup jerseys. 9 jerseys, 3 shorts and 3 pairs of socks. Commonly referred to as Black, Yellow, Red.
So I'm thinking of naming them.

Black is now the Peacemaker.
Yellow is the Adjudicator.
Red is El Presidente.

Did this just up the coolness by 100, or what?

Ref... What should we wear this match? Adjudicator?
AR1... Let's go Peacemaker.
(crowd applauds widely)

Lots of love to my two readers.

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