Thursday, 17 May 2012

Well, tonight was interesting.
Smaller field so the stats were low. Looking forward to getting Mac fields back in rotation, though it's nice they have a chance to rehab and recover. Also good to get in a run in prior to the madness (in a good way) that is the KYSA Slurpee Cup.
Decent game, missed an opportunity to man manage late in the game. Nothing arose out of it, but potential there. I need to anticipate this better next time.

Stat line:
Half / Total km / avg speed / max speed
1st / 2.07 / 2.4 / 17.5
2nd / 2.12 / 2.8 / 20.1

Total distance was low (for men's comp overall), barely cracking the top 10 (#8 & #10).

I did a couple of sprints to restart positions in the second, these probably skewed the 2nd half stats more a bit.

First half track shows how the smaller field condensed my positioning.

1 caution.

Scott and Jeremy. Jeremy made some good o/s calls, but needs to move a bit more laterally. Scott was his usual hot stuff this evening.

RIP Donna Summer

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