Tuesday, 15 May 2012

One of the tools the KSRA implemented this season was a small side match incident report form, a way for officials to report incidents or concerns in small side games. Already in this young season it's been used more than I would like (which is zero usage). My gratitude to the officials who take the time to report their concerns.
I can't believe it took me 3 years to put this tool into place.
I'm so sorry to all the small side referees who endured a bad game due to a coach or parents, or maybe had a question but didn't know who or where to ask it. 
I wonder how many good young officials we've lost over the years because they had a bad experience and felt they had no support so they simply quit. 
Small side officials are learning and will sometimes make mistakes, I'm the first to admit it. But these are kids and how we treat them will impact the type of people they will grow up to be. Do we want tolerant and accepting, or angry and belittling?
If we don't all learn a bit more respect we won't have a game at all.


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