Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bling Bling

No game today.
Almost left for the field thinking I did have one. Turns out it's for Thur.
Should have gone and checked out Mac Island fields, maybe captured some video. Been a while since the last OiA (not that anyone reads it).
Hopefully will capture some OiA at the AA provincials this week.

Getting good response for the upcoming girls only ref / AR training session, nearly 20 registered.
Here's a link to more information. To register email me at ksrasecretary99@gmail.com

Have not received any feedback from coaches recently re: jewelry. Was a flurry at the start of the season - either refs have stopped enforcing or players got the message and are removing it. Must say though, the emails I did receive from coaches were all polite and respectful. Much appreciated coaches!

Thanks to my two readers!

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