Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Spoiler alert!
So I'm getting in the final minutes of Glee before I have to leave for the game. What an ending. Rachel as prom queen?! I admit, I teared up. 
On to the game...
Womens Open game. Km by half: 1.83km & 1.84km, for a total of 3.67 which is slightly below what I've been tracking. Couple of reasons for this. 1) Smaller field. Kinda narrow and as a result I kept finding myself in the middle of the play, and 2) the wind really affected play. A strong south/north wind kept the play in one half.
The 1st half gps track:
Oh, got to work with a new AR, Rachelle. Her second game as AR and she did really well.
Peace out!

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