Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I thought I'd start a blog since nobody actually *reads* my emails or posts. People say they do, but then I ask hey what did you think about that 4 page essay on angle of view I posted at midnight? umm, yah, looked great!
Since I'm not creative enough (nor have the time) to come up an insightful, witty post daily (unlike this guy
I thought I would post some gps stats on games I've officiated.  

(I'm calling this "The Reckless Tackle" - comes from an email I sent a couple of years ago in which I opined that if I ever open a pub I would call it The Reckless Tackle.  Or 'The Flag and Whistle')

I downloaded a free app(lication) that tracks your gps, speed, altitude etc from http://www.endomondo.com/login.  Attach the blackberry with a sport armband and voila, I have a free electronic tracker.

Below are the first 3 games using this technology.

First game I used this was a Women's Tier 1. ARs and 35 min halves. The field markings are (barely) visible, but it appears I used a not bad diagonal. 1.74 km avg speed = 2.3 km/hr. (Forgot to turn it off until I reached the car).

Game #2 was with no AR's, 40 min halves. See the difference on my movement, I covered more of the field. First thing I noticed was how much deeper I went into the penalty areas compared to game #1 with AR's
And yes, that's me heading to the washroom. 3.99 total km, 2.5 km / hr avg speed.
Final game of the week was u15 girls rep, 40 min halves, with AR's.  Only recorded second half: 2.01 km and 2.6 avg speed.
Take a look at the speed chart (green line). Notice the sprints throughout the half.  Something to keep in mind for training - working on acceleration and the cardio for a full 90.

That's it for post #1. 
Thanks to my 2 readers out there!

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