Thursday, 31 May 2012

Donut hole

Seems like forever since I had a game. Ask the players and they'll probably say I wasn't away long enough.

Game summary:
So, I couldn't find a shin sleeve that would work as an arm band, so I took an old sock and cut off the foot part and use the shin part as the sleeve to hold the gps. Worked alright, but I should have washed it first. I've written so much about this silly gps arm band that it should have it's own blog.  hmm
Standard women's game, good sportsmanship all around.

Stat line:
Total km stats on par with games of this calibre. Avg speeds are fairly high though. Probably because in the first half I practiced sprints to goal kick restarts. In the 2nd, I did the sprints backwards. Also in the 2nd I tried something different (wait for it).

half / km / avg speed / top speed
1st / 2.48 / 3.0 / 18.3
2nd / 2.35 / 3.1 / 20.7
Total distance thru 90 min: 4.83

In the 2nd half I tried to stay out of the centre circle and for the most part was successful. Created the donut hole track I was trying for. Couple of observations.
1) Interestingly, this resulted in a very rectangular path.
2) I found I had to sprint more when moving from one half in the other because I had to detour around the center circle, which is a longer than than a straight line. So, to get into position I had to sprint around the circle. Good for conditioning though.

First half track... traditional diagonal.

On the other hand, avoiding the centre circle in the 2nd half resulted in a track that mirrors the field boundary.

Not sure if this means anything. I'll have to try this a couple more times.

1 caution.

Clayton and Josh.
Very professional, good team all around.

El Presidente !

hmmm, donuts!


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