Tuesday, 15 May 2012

First really hot (temperature wise) game IMHO. Specially so since on TRU turf with zero wind. And wearing the dark kit. 
PCSL Womens competitive.
Was there an impact due to the heat and fact both coaches liberally substituted in the 2nd? Yes, yes there was. After the match I commented to the ARs that it didn't feel that I was moving as much in the 2nd and the stats back that up.
1st half 2.84 km, avg speed 3.2 and max speed 20.5.
2nd half 2.58, avg speed 2.8, max speed 16.8.

Nearly a 1/3 of km less travel, slower avg speed and max sprint was far below half 1.
Also, the 2nd half track is definitely shifted towards the bench touchline. I wonder if my positioning was impacted by the subs (I would grab the sub slip at the half line if I was closer that the AR) - perhaps I wasn't getting back deep enough into the field when I restarted play? Have to keep an eye on that - don't want to get caught out of position due to restarting play too early and not where I should be.
1st half
2nd half
Trevor and Nathan did a great job Assisting (as usual). 

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